Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help answer a question and maybe come up with a

We have installed IDM 3.6.1 BE at a client, but need to pull
information from the clients Production directory, just user
information, no password sync or anything complex...

I have used the LDAP driver to pull the users I need into the Vault,
but it seems the LDAP driver is not part of the Bundled Edition, so the
client would need a license...
The other option is to used the eDir-to-eDir driver, but we do not want
to have to install the IDM metadirectory onto their production tree.

I see there is a NDS driver in designer, it has 3 versions:
1. LegacyNDS
3. LDAPResKit

Now since the client's production environment is eDirectory 8, the
LegacyNDS driver is not supported according to page 19 of:

I have tried to install the LDAP version of the driver, but that then
uses the LDAP base, which is again, not part of the BE as although the
driver is called NDS it uses the LDAP shim...

There was meant to be a one legged eDirectory driver, but that has not
been released yet, but I am not sure that the driver would be covered
under the BE licensing.

Am I correct? Does anyone know?

Is there another solution I am missing?

Craig Cikara

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