Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1
Windows Server 2008 R2
Active Directory Driver with Remote Loader


I have a VBScript on the Meta Directory Engine under \DIBfiles which i
execute on the AD Driver. But now we are setting up the IDM servers
(MetaDirectory) in different domains, that means VBScript cannot
perfrom the actions since the firewall restrictions. So i need to
execute the VBScript code on the remoteloader side where the driver is

Novell Scripting Driver is not an option. The customer does not to buys
Scripting Driver because of this change. (If it were free i could
convence, but since it costs money then its not an option). Creating
.Net Remote Listener is the option, but why should build the Listener
when hen the RemoteLoader is already running on the other side, (I have
problems to explain this to AD admin) He is not happy with the RL
running on his DC and putting another process!!!..

So the question is, Can i somehow execute the VBScript remotely on the
remoteloader if put that on the C:\Novell\Remoteloader\Lib ????



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