Is there a document/cool solutions somewhere that gives info on how to
properly handle bi-directional syncing of groups and group memberships
in the eDir2eDir driver?

In my test lab, we ran into some interesting things when adding group
"stuff" to the existing eDir driver.

1) In the Source Tree, if we modify and EXISTING Group membership (ie,
add 1 user to the list of 100 users already there), it goes to the Vault
2) Vault tree does not have that group object yet, so it goes to
create it, populates it with that one new user, and then syncs the "one
user membership list" BACK to the Source
3) Which then empties the source group except for that one user

If the group object already exists in the Vault, then things are fine.

So I'm just wondering if there's something that indicates how to
properly set this up.


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