I am working on implementing IDM in a test environment and am having
difficulties with the eDirectory driver. I have two trees configured,
IDM and PROD, with IDM 4.0.1 standard installed in both. I followed the
instructions given by the driver documentation 'here'
and am able to successfully deploy the driver. The problem is that after
deployment I can only see the driver in the IDM tree. There is nothing
in PROD.

Since at no point did I provide credentials for the PROD tree I am
guessing that I am simply missing a few steps. However, I cannot seem to
find any documentation to point the way. Could someone please give me an
overview on how to get a basic eDir-to-eDir driver up, or point me at
the appropriate docs?

Also, I have seen mention on these forums of a consolidated eDirectory
that does not require IDM to be installed in the destination tree. Does
anyone have any updated information as to when this might be released?

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