I have a client who wants to clone an entire IDM and AM environment. Not
for IDM or AM development, but for application development of apps that
will be accessed via AM. We have a brand new, mostly Out of the Box
environment consisting of an IDM Vault, an LDAP Tree connected via
edir2edir drivers, a User App server, and a 3 server AM environment
consisting of the following; Admin server, a separate Identity Server,
and an Access Gateway Service. All 6 servers in IDM (3) and AM (3) are
SLES 11 SP1. IDM is 4.0.1. Access Manager is 3.1.4. All systems are on

We have over 20 application development environments, in 3 different
sites, we need to clone from this. All environments would, ideally,
have their own IP subnets (all different). I am looking for ideas, as
well as info on how many different places to change IP addresses so I
don't overlook any of them.

Some items, like the Admin Console in AM, are going to be difficult to
change IP addresses on, according to the docs. In those cases, looking
for alternatives. Any other ideas or shortcuts would be appreciated.

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