We are in the early process of upgrading IDM in our environment from
3.51 to 3.61. (We will eventually be moving to IDM 4.01, but that is
some time away.)

We have our primary eDirectory to Metadirectory and Groupwise drivers
on a Netware 6.5SP8 server. This server contains a Master replica (root
partition) of eDirectory (as seen in ConsoleOne partition view). IDM is
3.51 on this server.

What we would like to know is if IDM can point to a non-root partition
(i.e. not a master replica) and still work correctly for updating user
data, adds, deletes, and password synchronization. The idea is that we
were thinking of putting IDM 3.61 on a server that is going to have a
read-write replica.

Thanks in advance,
Russell Labay
Texas Department of Transportation

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