Again question how to interact UserApp objects outside of
UserApplication user interface....

I would have a need to create Teams for Projects, where project manager
would have a authority to control team members Provistioning /
Role/Resource things...

I could successfully create srvprvRbpmTeam object and ha
srvprvManagerxxx and srvprvMember assignments and srvprvTeamType
assignments intact
- but I haven't found Web service interface to setup Team permission
configuration to Team objects... Doing the permission setup by hand for
each Project team is not possible...

This is quite important feature to solve in customer project with
plenty of internal requirements for delegation and team work in UserApp
(for example this project manager / project member management thing).

Or could there be any other procedure to get around a problem...
Projects come and go in customer environment and Project managers of
particular project should be able to interact as manager role to users
in certain things.


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