We're running RBPM 3.6.1 and have workflows that log information (via a
log activity) that's collected with Sentinel 6.

There are the two fields in the log activity called "Message" and
"Comment". I typically put the same values in both fields but
mistakenly omitted the data in "Message" in one activity and only put it
in "Comment". Unfortunately, that activity was supposed to log audit
data and now we need it! I've since fixed the workflow activity to
write the data into the "Message" field, but cannot figure out how to
get the existing "Comment" data out. I don't care about getting it into
Sentinel at this point, I'd just be happy to get a text file! I can see
the "Comment" data in iManager (looking at workflow comments) and
UserApp (looking at My Requests) but can NOT figure out a) where it's
being stored and b) how to get it out. I've looked at the JBoss logs
and it doesn't exist there. Can someone help me?

Secondly, why on earth doesn't "Comment" data get written by the JBoss
logs and picked up by Sentinel? What is the purpose for having two
fields? I understand this isn't the forum for that question but I
thought if someone happened to know, in the process of answering the
primary question, they might be willing to drop some knowledge

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