For our project we're working with setting up a team that allows Proxy
Assignments. This to allow a Line Manager to assign one of his
subordinates as his proxy so they can do his work, this includes
starting and approving workflows.

The problem is that a user that is assigned as a proxy of his line
manager and has entered 'Proxy Mode' doesn't obtain the same rights when
starting workflows while in Proxy Mode as his line manager.

For instance; Peter is a Line Manager and has rights to see Object 1
and Object 2. Frank is his Direct Report and assigned as a Proxy, he has
rights to see Object 2.
While Frank is in Proxy Mode and starts a workflow (on behalf of
Peter), he can only see Object 2, not Object 1 AND 2 which is what we
would actually expect.

Is there anything else we have to setup additionally or is this a bug
in the RBPM?

Our team settings:
- Domain: Provisioning Domain
- Team Name: ManagerEmployee
- Managers: Groups; NAME = Holds managers
- Members: Relationship: Manager-Employees
- Description: Manager Employee team
- Managers are members.

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