Has anyone tried to replace automated entitlements ( for example, if job
code=99 give AD entitlement) with UserApp /RBPM?

We have in our environment several driver sets with an entitlement
driver on each driver set to manage driver entitlements. I would like
to replace these entitlement drivers, with userapp/RBPM, but I cannot
see where I would configure the logic.

The UserApp interface only allows a resource(with an entitlement
attached) to be assigned to a user, group, or container. I need to
define more granular logic which I believe requires me to create custom
workflows. I can do this, but how do I trigger the workflow without a
user making a request through the interface? Where do I put my
logic/rules that are used to determine eligibility for the resource? It
seems strangely, like the logic needs to exist before the start of the
workflow that grants the resource. Has anyone done something similar to
this that can point me in the right direction?

-Thanks in advance..


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