Hello all,
I'm tasked with adding users to groups in the Vault when a valued
entitlement comes across. There are potentially many
entitlements and it's not known ahead of time what they are, so I
trying to build a generic handler. The entitlement might
have one or more values. My thought is to work through a for-each loop.
I'd strip out the name of the entitlement, and
then take that name and use it a the parameter to "Added Entitlement".

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to even strip out the entitlement
DN, novicey as I am. Here is a sample of the XML that
goes through:

<instance class-name="User"
dors\nvicino" src-entry-id="33872">
<attr attr-name="DirXML-EntitlementRef">
<value timestamp="1323405259#5" type="structured">
<component name="nameSpace">1</component>
*<component name="volume">\D-IDV\idv\services\IDM\Driver
Set\Driver 5\PIM</component>*
<component name="path.xml">

My best shot at using XPath to strip out the DN of the entitlement is:

<do-set-local-variable name="lv_entitlementDN" scope="policy">
<token-xpath expression='$current-node/component[@name="volume"]'/>

But that returns nothing. Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?

Many TIA,

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