I can make a nrfRolesDef container as a child of cn=Level10, under
cn=RoleDefs, under AppConfig, etc...

Now I want to use the SOAP createRole web service, which I can do, into
the Level10, Level20, or Level30 container. BUt I want to create it in
a container I made, under the Level 10 container.

There is a container parameter in the createRole function, but it does
not seem to do much. I.e. I called CreateRole via UA with a PRD that
makes the SOAP call, and I specified the containers full DN on top of
the usual data needed to create a role.

It created in Level 10, not in my sub container under Level 10.

When I do a getRolesByLevel() call, I get that that the container value
is the full LDAP DN of the Level10 container.

I moved a role into the container i made, and then getRolesByLevel()
again, and container is still level 10.

What does container mean in this context?

Wish the web services docs explained what the data fields meant instead
of being unhelpful, as they currently are.