Hi All,

I'm configuring an entitlement and a resource that can handle multiple
assignments to a user, so as an example I defined a, b, c,... as the
parameter of the entitlement/resource to make it different.

I can assign the resource to the user as expected, so a user can have 3
of this resource (App X Role):
App X Role (parameter a)
App X Role (parameter b)
App X Role (parameter c)

I assign the resources to the user in a workflow using a "Resource
Request", sending: a,b, or c, as the "Entitlement Param", so far so

But, when in a workflow, I try to revoke an specific instance (with
parameter "a") of this resource ("App X Role"), instead of just removing
the appropriate resource, all "App X Role" resources are revoked, from
the user application there is no evidence that there was 3 different
revoke actions, but just one with the specific parameter ("a").

Is this an expected behavior? Or what do I need to do to make it work?

I have to mention that when I remove the same specific resource from
the User Application interface, it works as expected, just the
appropriate resource is remove/revoke.


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