Does anyone had a problem with Resource x Entitlement association which
is configured to Administrator-defined values and appear the word
"Pending" with the value defined, when the resource is edited?

More details:

I installed RBPM 4.0.1 and applied patch A on eDirectory 8.8.6;
I created a driver with an Entitlement defined as Administrator-defined
value. I left the values in blank, because I want to define the value
when I associate the Entitlement to resource;
I created a resource and associated this Entitlement from the driver,
put 0 (zero) or any other value as the value of Entitlement and saved
the Resource;
If I edit again the Resource the Entitlement value is changed to:
Pending ** 0 ** Pending. (Note thar the zero is my entitlement value).
If I save in this way, my entitlement value is changed to "Pending ** 0
** Pending". If I edit again and save, the Entitlement value is changed
to "Pending ** Pending ** 0 ** Pending ** Pending" and so on.

It is intersting that in RBPM 3.7, with all patches apllied, the same
situation didnt happen.

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