I am trying to learn how to automatically start workflows based on
events in eDirectory (such as group membership change, or other attr
changes). Looking at the documentation 'here'
, I am running into questions:

1 - These instructions are based on iManager. Is there any reason not
to use Designer?
2 - On step 16 it states -"The Enter user application URL and Enter
authorized user DN fields are filled in automatically."- Well, the user
application URL is not filled in automatically for me. Maybe because I
am using Designer :/?
3 - In the "-Enter recipient DN field-" (Step 18), since this is an
automated workflow that needs no requests or approvals, nor any
notifications, does this matter? For now I am going to put my UA admin
4 - Finally, step 19 - "-Enter additional arguments field-", I have a
"Specify Strings" field but not an Enter additional arguments field. If
I go into the details of that field I get a list box with 2 choices,
neither one is 'reason'. I think I am way off the mark here, any
guidance you can give me would be appreciated.

-Mike K

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