Dear Forum,

we are running UA 4.0.1.
We have to search through all values of an given attribute for
evaluation purpose.
According to the documentation either form.getValues() and idvault.get
should return an array when multiple-values are found.
Unfortunately this seams not to work.

var contracts = IDVault.get(null, dn, "eCampus-User",
form.setValues("AssigmentJStrs", contracts);
var numOfContracts = contracts.length();

Testing has shown that the variable contracts is set correct, 'cos the
form field AssigmentJStr is showing all individual values.
At the time the variable numOfContracts in initialized the error
"contracts.length is not a known function" comes up.

Further investigation "alert(typeof contracts)" has shown that
contracts is not an array but simply an "Object".

Is there any way - in a form - to treat the variable "contracts" as an
array. i.e. if (contracts[1] = "test") ....

Any help is welcome !!!


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