I am clearly missing something out.

I have used an integration activity to create myself a couple of roles.
That works rather nicely.

Now I would like to make a parent child relationsship, so on the parent
role, I am trying to link it to a child.
I am using an integration activity (lRemoteRole, modifyRole from the
roleservice wsdl)

Mappings are defined like this

Envelope/@_password_ : The secret password
Envelope/@_serverUrl_ : The correct server uri
Envelope/@_userid_ : My uaadmin user
Envelope/Body/modifyRoleRequest/role/childRoles/dnstring/dn : The exact
dn of the role I want to be the child
Envelope/Body/modifyRoleRequest/role/description : Some string with and
added "+modded" just to see if anything changes (it does not)
Envelope/Body/modifyRoleRequest/role/name : The short DN of my role (For
example "My Parent Role")
Envelope/Body/modifyRoleRequest/role/roleLevel/level : The level of my
role (30)

Although this does not give any errors, it does not produce any results
What I think I miss is for example a mapping to my roleDN or ssomething,
I just cant figure out how to set it.
Can anyone tell me how to accomplish what I want (To link 2 roles in a
parent<->child relationship in an integration activity?