hello all,

I perform a migration to IDM 4.0.1 with the patch UA401A (on SLES 11
SP1). At the time of the start of jboss, after checking tables (which do
not yet exist) I get this error:

01/26/2012 19:42:52,476 INFO [STDOUT] (main) INFO [RBPM]
[com.novell.soa.persist.DatabaseSchemaUpdate: updateSchema] Creating
database schema
01/26/2012 20:08:04,497 INFO [STDOUT] (main) ERROR [RBPM]
[com.sssw.portal.servlet.EboPortalBootServlet: init] Unexpected Runtime
Exception initializing servlet
com.novell.soa.common.LocalizedRuntimeException: Database error
Verifying Unicode support, see stack trace for detail information.

My DB is 11g unOracle AL16UTF16 encoded. During the installation I
selected the options Userapplication New databases and create table at
startup (as I did for previous installations)

Any help is appreciated


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