IDM 4.0.1.

to establish all the required accounts and settings, we need to use
several entitlements:
- basic Active Directory account
- homedir (through Scripting Driver)
- exchange / mailbox account (through AD Driver)
- various AD groups (through AD Driver)

all entitlements are configured as resources. We are now thinking about
creating one role for the first three entitlements (basic AD, homedir,
exchange). However, timing is relevant here, the AD account needs to be
created first, then the exchange account (for the email adress) and
finally we can create homedir.

- is there a way to specify in a role with several entitlements /
resources the order in which they have to be evaluated / processed?
- is there a way to specify a "sleep" between processing these
entitlements? the reason for this is that in a larger active directory
setup, significant synchronization delays may occur (I've seen delays up
to 60 seconds).

thanks, Peter

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