I would be very glad if someone can clarify and make me understand all
of the different IDM 4.0.1 Audit/Reporting products and these serveral
options for me. As the previous version IDM 3.5.1, We had this Novell
Audit 2.0.2 with Platform Agent setup running on the Identity Manager
server configured by logevent.cfg file ,which had pointer to the Audit
server on port 289.

Now we have this IDM 4.0.1 with Reporting Module(which includes EAS
server). This reporting module has two drivers DCS and MSGW drivers
which logs Identity related information to the EAS.

I have following questions regarding these.

1) Does Paltform Agent gets replaced by these two drivers DCS and MSGW
Identity Manager drivers in IDM 4.0.1 and do we not need to configure
and register Platform Agent on the Identity Manager servers anymore
besides having these two drivers?
2) What is the purpose of Platform Agent in the Identity Manager 4.0.1?
I can still see this option available in the installation screens of
the Identity Manager 4.0.1 .
3) What is the purpose of product Novell Identity Audit 1.0 ? Is that
another dinosaur within the Novell Identity Audit and Reporting products
like Sentinel which lives its own product life cycle within IDM ?
4) What would be the right audit/reporting product for a customer, if
the customer was running Audit 2.0.2 earlier and they are switching to
IDM 4.0.1 AE, but still want to have Audit 2.0.2 types of reporting data
available besides havings new Identity Manager 4.01 Reporting module?


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