I'm semi-familiar with doing lists in the Designer DAL for UserApp.

However, I thought I'd seen there was a DIFFERENT way to do this (ie,
instead of having to constantly go into the DAL and add new items to the
list you could use a diff. method)?

Like You can create an object in eDir and put the "list" on it?

And, if you can, is there a cool solutions or something that mentions
how to do this?

And also:

I THOUGHT I'd read something that Userapp could also query a database
for things?

For example:

Let's say we have an Oracle database (schema, more precisely) with a
table that has say:

And it's already got a list of companies

And, rather than me (or something else) having to constantly
type/adjust these in the DAL, that there was a way to have UserApp know
that the "company" attribute was a list, but that it would query the
database for said list?

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