I am designing workflows that are triggered by changes in our eDirectory
vault (same vault UA driver is installed). So I've followed the
documentation 'here'
to configure the triggers.

My questions - I need several attributes from the directory to be used
in the workflow. What is the best way to get the attributes I need into
the flow data? I think my options are to 1) somehow pass the needed
attrs from the driver stylesheet to the PRD when triggered, or 2)
Somehow query back to the vault for the attrs from the PRD after being
triggered. The documentation doesn't cover option 1, sending them when
starting a workflow. Option 2 is more difficult for me because I am not
a programmer. How would I do this with option 1? Is this best practice
or am I approaching this wrong? Do I need to learn Java Script to
design workflows ;-(


-Mike K

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