Let's say we want a user to self-register (ie: Fill out a form to get
access to our system), BUT the form has to be "approved" before their
account actually gets created.

The question is:

Is there a way to direct the user to JUST the form part in UA 4.0.1
Advanced Edition?

Currently what happens is that the user gets this whole workplace
dashboard with a bunch of extra stuff on it that we don't need them to
see (not to mention it spawns a lot of questions and they try to click
on things, etc.)

It seems that in order to accomplish this, we need to start an actual
request/approval form and have the user "approve" their own request to
get sent onto someone else?

I should mention that this particular scenario involves NAM and SAML
federation (ie, user actually creates account at third party Identity
Provider with MINIMAL information, they eventually access our system,
and get federated and then we need to ask them to fill out MORE
information via the form).

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