I have an approval form with two date fields to specify the period of
time over which a user will get access to a system. I am using onchange
event actions to check that the dates entered are valid (i.e
AccessRequiredFrom isn't later than AccessRequiredTo). The form fields
are populated by flow data correctly, however when the approval task is
claimed and the form refreshed, the AccessRequiredTo field has it's
value cleared. The odd thing is that this seems to be occurring because
of the onchange action on AccessRequiredFrom field. If i remove the
onchange event from AccessRequiredFrom (or even just comment out the
code), the date value remains in the AccessRequiredTo field.


if ( form.getValue(AccessRequiredTo) != && form.getValue(AccessRequiredTo) < form.getValue(AccessRequiredFrom) ){
form.alert(The Access Required From date you entered is later than the Access Required To date)
form.setValues(AccessRequiredFrom, )

What's odd is that the IF expression would seem to evaluate correctly
as the alert message is not displayed, and even if it wasn't - there is
nothing in there that should have any effect on the value of

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