Hi all,

I have an event for a workflow that is set to "fire" onLoad of the
Request form.

I want to change the way the form looks depending on who is making the
request, i.e. the initiator.

But i cannot find a way to return the initiator in the "Event Action
Expression Builder"

I am trying to build some conditions in this event that will look at
the initiator's role and then populate and disable some fields, like
CompanyCode and CostCenter.

The expression builder does not seem to understand the 'initiator'
variable... Or the IDVault.get method...

The logic I want to apply is as follows:

if (initiator in role CompanyAdmin){
then set Division to initiator's Division value and disable the

I'll get the logic correct once I am able to return values of the
Initiator... I just need help with that...

Thanks in advance

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