Hi board.

I am trying to create workorder objects from a workflow, by using the
entity activity.
This fails as it states the following:

Workflowfejl: Ldap error creating object: CN=OpretAftaleUdlaan_2012031411192494_TSTELLU000-24440,OU=WorkOrders,OU=WorkOrder1,O=system. Error: javax.naming.InvalidNameException: CN=OpretAftaleUdlaan_2012031411192494_TSTELLU000-24440,OU=WorkOrders,OU=WorkOrder1,O=system: [LDAP: error code 34 - Invalid DN Syntax]; remaining name 'CN=OpretAftaleUdlaan_2012031411192494_TSTELLU000-24440,OU=WorkOrders,OU=WorkOrder1,O=system'

To clarify what has already been configured/done:

- Created a DAL entity for DirXML-WorkOrder (is attached as XML to
the next post)
- Assigned supervisor rights the UAAdmin user (this is only
temporary. The UAAdmin user is always only assigned just enough rights
to be able to perform the desired tasks)
- Builded a WF - which is also attached to this post in next comment
as XML - that uses the new entity in the flow
- Tested

What am I doing wrong in this approach?

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