I am getting this error: "An error 'Expected string value for parameter
''dn'' of function ''idvault.get()''.' was encountered while executing
the script 'in IDVault.get()'" when I want try start a workflow from the

I get this error as soon as I click on the PRD and the error shows on
the Request form.

I have the following code on an "onchange" event on a select employee
field in the request form:

IDVault.get("EmployeeNo", form.getValue("Employee"), 'frgoUser', 'frgaEmployeeNumber');


Now I understand what the error is saying... That is, the idvault.get()
function is looking for a string in the "dn" param where I have
"form.getValue("Employee")", but once the admin selects an employee
"form.getValue("Employee")" will return a string and the code works,
that is, the lookup returns a value and populates the "EmployeeNo"

The problem seems to be that when the form loads, validation is done
and my code if found wanting... But when the admin selects the employee
everything works 100%...

I must add that the exact same code is working in:
Identity Manager version 3.5.1 Patch W
Build Revision 23429

Where I am now working on:
Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1
Build Revision 37294

Any ideas???

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