This is a weird one. Using UA RBPM 4.0.1 with Patch B

Got it to send a notification for an approval request.

The default Provisioning Notification Template has a line in there

or something

Here's where it gets weird:

Even though my UA DRIVER has these values:
PORT = 8180

The email is sending:
DNSNAME (of the above referenced IP--which I suppose is okay, since the
server IS in DNS) but the port is coming over as:

And I cannot find, for the life of me, WHERE the provisioning
notification is getting this value from. It SHOULD be getting it from
the UA driver, yes?

I tried doing an LDAP trace to see WHERE it's coming from, but nothing
showed up in the sense of what/where it was querying for that value.

We will eventually be front-ending this with NAM, so the port will need
to be removed (but I can just remove the token from the template in that
case), but I'm more concerned with how the templates work in this case.

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