i am trying to configure the Following in my request form

Form field |Datatype | Control Typ |Event properties
Application |String | MVCheckbox |list item: AppA,AppB
GroupsRoles | dn | Picklist | 2 list

Now this is my requirement

If i choose "AppA" in the Application form field it should get lists in
GroupsRoles field with for AppA Roles,

Then when i select AppB, the GroupRoles field should list with AppB

I am think of this
Create two sub containter in IT permission Role.

IT Permission
|_ AppARole (Sub Container)
AppARole1 (Role)
AppARole2 (Role)
|_ AppBRole (Sub Container)
AppBRole1 (Role)
AppBRole2 (Role)

And create two global querys for the two subcontainer.

Now how i can make it work, when i select AppA it should get list of
AppARole in the "GroupsRole" Field

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