So general question to anyone who wants to share. As someone with
primarily a systems Integration backround ( a little scripting - bash) I
am being challenged with deploying UserApp for roles management. As I
get deeper into the details of the product I find myself sort of hacking
away at solutions until something works, rather then reaching into my
virtual tool box (Knowledge of the product/ ECMAScript language) for the
best designed solution. This is a very uncomfortable and aggravating
place to be.

So if I was to invest a significant amount of time learning how to get
the most out of the UA product, where would that time be spent? Should
I learn JavaScript? Is this what is helping those of you that have a
good handle on the product? There are lots of resources out there that
I could leverage for this. I just don't see much in the way of training
materials on ECMAScript available. Where can I find code examples that
are relevent to UAs implementation of ECMAScript?

When I look at the UA forums and the posts that are there, I see most
questions about the forms development; questions about how do display
things properly etc... In our environment we are not even going to use
the forms for much of anything at first. UA is going to be the conduit
between role membership and Entitlement granting. So most of the logic
I need to use will exist inside the workflows. Does anyone else have an
environment where you are doing a lot of automation through UA?

Finally, I see that I can get to a script editor from the Scripts tab
on my forms (request_form, or Approval_form). Is this where I can write
code that needs to be passed from one object in the workflow to another,
even if I dont need to present anything on an actual form page?

Thanks for your responses!

-Mike K

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