On 05/07/2012 06:06 AM, stavae wrote:
> Hi,
> when sending emails from my Workflow, there are a couple of attributes
> I require : ACTION and COMMENTS
> (a) I want my email to be able to state that : "Your Application has
> been *Approved *or *Denied*"
> I assume that this can be somehow mapped from the "Action" attribute in
> the Web Services SOAP (?).
> I tried simply including a new attribute labeled $action$, and inserted
> it into the body of my Email. But, this did not show anything.
> (b) In the User Application, there is a default "*Comment*" field.
> Where can I obtain/map this comment field, so that it shows in my
> email?
> I made sure to enable the feature "Generate Comments" in my Workflow
> Overview; but I am not getting comments which I input during the
> Approval/Deny action
> Thanks!


1) Can I please suggest that you spend some time reviewing the
documentation. Also, please search the forums because a lot of what you
have been asking has already been covered here.

2) In the email that is sent at the Finish activity it will state
actions based upon if the workflow went through a Provisioning (Entity
or Entitlement Activity). If you are not using either these two
Activities then:

On your approve path from final approver add a "Workflow Status"
activity and set it to 'approved'
On your denied path add a "Workflow Status" activity and set it to

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer