On 5/10/2012 11:26 AM, adnowak wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm doing a workflow to create user. I'm using Global List for some
> atributes, but the client want to be able to choise a value or write a
> new one.
> When they write a new value, I save it in the Global List. This is
> working fine. But the problem is that this new value in the Global List
> don't refresh. I need to do a Flush Cache in the Administration page of
> the User Application in order to see it in the form of the workflow.
> The client need to see this change in the moment, to create a new value
> for an user and then to see this value in the Global List to create
> user.
> It is possible to force a Flush Cache in a workflow? O to force a flush
> cache when an element of the DAL is changing?

Hehe. I recall finding the SOAP endpoint that will do that for you! You
could add an Integration activity to make a SOAP call back to the UA to
clear the cache I suppose. Stupid approach, but might work.