On 5/11/2012 6:06 AM, stavae wrote:
> Thanks, Norbert.
> I was unable to find any reference to Bug 430899 anywhere
> Please provide me a link, if you have it.
> How can I make apwaComment a data-item?

Novell/NetIQ uses bugzilla for bug tracking. Some are public, some are not.

Looks like it is not public, but you try it.

The work around suggested in a related bug is:

There is a different approach for your primary use case. Use a form
defined field (not the comment) to enter reason for action and map the
value to the flow data document. Now you can reference the flow data
document field in your email mapping.

Perhaps Steve can comment on whether this bug is in the queue for a
future release or not as it is still tagged IDM 3.6.