On 5/18/2012 8:26 AM, Hemi84 wrote:
> I am using an IDM 4.0.1 AE on Windows 2008 R2 64Bit platform (except EAS
> on SLES11).
> I'd like to change the logos and the labels on the standard reports in
> the reporting module. In the manual I can find how to make new templates
> using the iReport (I am using iReport 4.5.1 on Mac) but not how to
> customize existing reports from the "out of the box" repository. The
> existing report suit exactly the customers requirements (lucky me) but
> as expected the Novell logos etc. need to be removed.
> Does anyone have a clou how to do that?
> Best regards
> Mark Born
> System Engineer

Per our documentation, you need to update the Template Report.
Download the src from the Download page, make your modifications, use
the Report Packaging Tool to package it up, Deploy it to the Reporting
Module with the Report Packaging Tool, then restart the Application
Server. Login, run a report and you will see your changes.