On 05/29/2012 08:06 AM, srivastavaa wrote:
> I am trying to install Novell Advance reporting module that comes with
> IDM4. As I understand there are 3 components to it
> 1) Divers that push or pull the data from IDV
> 2) EAS component
> 3) Database component (DWH)
> Problem : I am unable to find a deployment architecture which can tell
> me if I can keep the DWH component on a separate box (not on EAS
> machine). I have below questions.
> a) Do we have to absolutely install Reporting Module on the User App
> Server ? Looks like yes based on the manual.
> b)Does reporting module install only an application on JBOSS or there
> are other pieces also that get installed with Reporting module ?
> c) Is it too big a risk to install Reporting module on a User
> Application server in Production that is being used already ? Have
> people faced issues earlier ?
> d) Does installing Reporting module on the same machine as User App
> have any adverse effects on User Application performance ?
> e) What if I have 2 instances of User Application can I deploy it on
> just one server and I will keep getting all the events ? What if the
> server where I installed Reporting Module goes down
> f) While installing EAS (using independent installer � not the IDM
> integrated installer), Is there a option of installing the database on a
> different server than where EAS resides ?
> g) Is there a sizing guide for the reporting infrastructure that is
> required ? like DB size based on number of events or number of
> identities on IDV
> Regards,
> Amit

Greetings Amit,
For the Reporting Module there are three (3) Components at a min:

1) Two (2) IDM Drivers
2) EAS
3) Deployment of the WARs

a) The Reporting WARs do not have to be deployed on the same Application
Server (JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere) that the User Application is
deployed on. The requirement is that you have UA and it is already
deployed before you set-up Reporting.

b) The Reporting WARs can be deployed on any of the three (3)
Application Servers that we support: JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere

c) It is not too big of Risk. The question gets into the amount of use
you have on the User Application and the kinds of Reports you are going
to run. Because, you will have the two (2) Applications running in the
same JVM space. So, if you start with 1.5 Gigs of Heap, the two (2)
Applications will have to share that and you could run into situations
where 1 application is not performing well because the other is using
all of the resources.

d) See c above

e) Reporting is not designed to be Clustered. You can only have 1
Reporting Module Deployed.

f) EAS has its own built in Database an that is not configurable.
Depending upon your environment EAS should be on its own server in Product.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer