On 06/21/2012 01:46 AM, stavae wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Novell IDM 4.0
> I have an *External Application* which accesses the Novell IDM via a
> *Web-Services SOAP interface*.
> (Everything is done in this External Application; nothing whatsoever is
> done within Novell's User Interface itself).
> What I am trying to do is : create a simple workflow via which
> user-info which is contained within the IDM Vault (such as name, email,
> phone number, address, etc, etc) can be updated from this External
> Application (via the SOAP interface, of course).
> In other words : the new info is fed into this External Application;
> also, the *location *of the user-object is also fed. The Workflow will
> provision the new details to the correct/appropriate user.
> All the default templates provided by Novell Designer seem to revolve
> around one Approval process or another.
> I do not require any approval/deny actions here. Just a simple
> workflow to update user-info.
> Thanks


1) You can create a workflow completely from scratch without using 1 of
our Templates.

2) With that said, you want the Template: "TemplateNoApproval". This
has only Start -> Entitlement Activity -> Finish.

You will delete the Entitlement Activity and then add the Entity
Activity. Then make your modifications from there.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer