Hi Dariusz,

>>> On 10.07.2012 at 19:36, karakan<karakan@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> i'd like the data posted to generate‑event action in the policy to be
> available for the custom report. Is it possible at all?
> My observations are following:
> 1) IDM generates event (ndstrace confirms that)
> 2) Event goes to the Sentinel (data is the same as specified in
> generate‑event)
> 3) idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_events_v contains record with base_message field
> equal to "Parsing failed: Event ID not recognized;input: undefined"
> Is it a bug, feature or I did go wrong somwhere?

The IDM collector doesn't know about your custom event ids. So it cannot
handle them out-of-the-box. See the "Handling Custom Identity Manager
Events" chapter in the collector documentation
Manager_6.1r7.pdf) for how to add a parser for them.


> Regards, Dariusz