On Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:26:02 +0000, wvanpeel wrote:

> We are using IDM to allow users to apply for Active Directory resource
> groups via Self Service IDM.
> For example to get access to a specific server, or specific Network
> drive, etc..
> Identity Manager version 3.7.0 patch D11.
> Can we configure IDM to allow a user to make requests on behalf of
> another user?

I think you can do something like this with the "team" support, though
the definition of "team" here may be a bit unusual.

> For example:
> We have a support group that supports applications where security is
> controlled via Active Dir groups. This support group should be able to
> enter these Resource requests in IDM on behalf of any other user. Lot of
> our users are field based and they rely on the supportteam for these
> applications.

Another idea that might work is to define the workflow to allocate the
resource, but use other workflow(s) to actually start it. That way you
can acquire the starting information for the allocation workflow, and
start it.

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