On 08/01/2012 06:06 AM, srivastavaa wrote:
> Hello,
> My client has IDM 3.6.1 and does NOT have RBPM in their environment.
> They have a need to use changepassword functionality by making a java
> call to IDM Web Service that exposes changepassword function. To explore
> the available web services, I was going through the RBPM documentation
> and I found that there are REST Services available for changepassword
> functionality .... since this informtion was available in RBPM 3.7
> documentation what I want to know is - does IDM 3.6.1 without RBPM
> expose the REST Services for Password Management or do they come only
> with RBPM 3.7 installation.
> Regards,
> Amit

The PwdMgt REST services are apart of RBPM (added in version 370).
So, for IDM 361 customers you would have to purchase RBPM 370. If you
upgrade to IDM 402, RBPM is now bundled with IDM so you do not have a
separate charge.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer