On 08/03/2012 01:26 PM, lvaradha wrote:
> I have description attribute in DAL, but i meant if you add
> "description" for a user through iManager--> Directory
> Administration-->Modify object
> Then the Role and Resource UI do not show the Owner ID correctly. It is
> showing the "description"

1) I added a value to the Description field when I created my user in
iManager -> Users -> Create User.

I have also don it via iManager -> Users -> Modify User

2) I have added the Description Attribute to the User Entity in the DAL
and deployed it. I have stopped JBoss, deleted the tmp and work
Directories, and then restarted JBoss.

I am not able to reproduce the behavior you are suggesting. That is why
I provide the steps to follow in my last post for you to try and narrow
down what is causing this in your set-up.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer