On 08/09/2012 10:26 AM, mvrk wrote:
> Hi,
> Please let me know how to remove the default categories like Roles and
> Attestations from Provisioning Category drop down. I was able to remove
> some of the default categories like Accounts from
> DAL-->Lists-->Provisioning Category. I currently have only the custom
> list that my client wanted to have in the drop-down.
> However, when I try to delete the "Roles" and "Attestations" category
> from DAL, I am getting error "You are not allowed to delete the required
> category nrf from the Provisioning category list".
> I tried to use the Navigation Permissions in the RBPM Security tab
> under the Administration tab, but looks like that doesn't help in this
> issue.
> Can you please let me know how to remove rest of the values like Roles
> and attestations from the drop down.
> Version- Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.0
> Patch B1 Build Revision 37573 (running in RHEL)
> Thanks,
> Maverick

They can not be removed or deleted. Those must remain.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer