Use configupdate advanced options to add a container object type. Maybe
it will help to solve the issue.


Am 10.08.2012 15:06, schrieb ukrause:
> I would like to use the DNContainer Control for a field. This works fine
> for OU and O Objects. But I would like to use a custom class inherited
> from Organizational Person Class. The Containment Flag is set on the
> custom class, and I have already set up a hierarchical structure of
> objects by this class. But even if I specify the corresponding DAL
> Entity in the Properties of the DNContainer Control (als Lookup and as
> Display entity), I cannot browse my structure. There are no
> subcontainers found...
> The structure is within an OU, this OU is the browse starting point for
> the field control.
> Thanks in advance.
> Uwe