Attempting to follow instructions from page 84 of the IDM 4.0.2 RBPM
Administration guide to customize strings in the User Application.
Followed the instructions, unpacked the WAR but cannot locate the
UserAppStrings_en.jar file sited in the example (which happens to be the
one I want to modfiy) or any other suspcious looking jar for that
manner. Are these no longer jarred within the war? Is there a properties
file I need to edit somewhere? Are these in another jar / war now? Are
these instructions left over from RBPM 3.7 (where I know I did this)?
Did this change?

What I want to do is to change the names displayed on the shared
navigation so that I can use the categories for another purpose, for
example, Directory Management --to--> Employee Workflows. I tried using
parent pages for this but it doesn't really look that good, it just puts
the parent page a subtle few pixels further away from the children, if
it indented the children or provided a pop out or something it would
do...but so far what I see that I can get off the shelf is insufficient
for the client and really if I could repurpose the categories that way
we are 100% of the way there.

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