We have 4 Build environments that run UserApp (Prod - Staging - Test -
Dev) Very recently we have noticed workflows that we have deployed to
one environment will not run in the others dispite the code (both PRD
and queries etc) being excatly the same. In one case we had a workflow
that was working fine in Dev - Test - Stag but implementing into Prod
caused the queries to not run.

We can see a value being set before the query runs, however it is just
about like the query never returns a result, to my knowledge nothing has
changed on the environment that would lead to this happening, and I do
not believe it is a data issue in the environment.

have flushed cache, deleted and added, then re-imported workflows and
queries back into the environment, and then restarted UserApp for good
measure... no change in behaviour.

This does not effect all workflows in the environment just one or two.

1) Is there anyway to trace exactly what a global query is doing
2) Are there userapp known bugs for this type of behaviour
3) any other suggestions



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