I am using IDM 4.1

I designed a very simple workflow (Single Approval Process), which will
send out an Email at the First Approval stage.

This happens if the response is either APPROVE or REJECT, naturally.

However, I also included a TIME-OUT function at the approval stage.
This time-out is set for 4 days.

Meaning : if the administrator does not respond after 4 days, the
default response is APPROVE..........and then the workflow proceeds to
the FINISH stage.

However, I would like to modify the workflow so that : if there is no
response after 4 days, it will send another email, saying that : "The
administrator has not responded. This application has been
automatically approved, by default"...........or something like that.

In other words : upon TIME-OUT, an email is generated.

I have never worked/manipulated the time-out feature before.

How can I do this?


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