Hi All,

I am new to designer, the userapp and workflows.. and have been googling
for 4 days now without luck so I am hoping y'all can help me. Stick with
me, I am going to give as much details as possible

I am creating a workflow which an admin will log in, select a person and
grant access to an application by adding a certain value to an ldap

For example

ldap attribute = appAccess
ldap values = "appX, appY, appA"

using an ldap admin tool to look at the tree I see multiple entries

I am creating a workflow with a request form with 4 fields as shown

Admin logged in: DNDisplay
Person who will be granted access: DNLookup
Current Access: text
New Access to be granted: text

HERE is the issue
I wrote a function below which should be fired by the onBlur of the
"Person to be granted" field. This function calls a custom java class to
get all the values of the users current access and then populate the
"Current Access" Field.

The thing is, this script fails on the
Packages.java.lang.System.out.println() call. In fact it fails on ANY
java class call. I get class System.out.println is not defined..

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help

function abc() {

var sslRequestor =form.getValue("sslVpnRequestor");
//form.setValues("currVPNAccess", "Steve", "Steve", false);
var result = "";
if(sslRequestor != null && sslRequestor !=undefined) {
Packages.java.lang.System.out.println("Steve here"); // +++++ this line
fails ++++
var n=sslRequestor.split(",");
var nn = n[0].split("=");
alert("test ssl split = " + nn[1]);
result =Packages.com.wlgore.corp.iam.util.LdapUtils.doLda
pQueryForUser("test",nn[1], "wlgsslvpnaccess");
alert("test4 result = " + result);
form.setValues("currVPNAccess", result, result, false);

catch (e)
Packages.java.lang.System.out.println("failed here");
result = "fail";
return( result.toString() );

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