Hello Everyone. I am currently working on a sample Process-Request
Definition and have the following scenario:

I have the following e-Directory structure

o=data------ou=Titles --------|-----ou=Title2------ou=TitleB
| ----

There are two PickLists. The first is populated using the following
code via the Workflows tab:

function popList() {
var finalArray = new Packages.java.util.ArrayList();
finalArray = IDVault.containers('ou=Titles,o=data' ,'o', false);
return finalArray;

The second PickList is hidden, but shown after a selection is made in
the first PickList. The following code is invoked when the first
PickList experiences and onChange event:

if (form.getValue("Requested_Title") != null) {
IDVault.containers('Additional_Title', 'ou=' +
form.getValue("Requested_Title") + ',ou=Titles,o=data' ,'o', false);

However, the second list is being populated incorrectly. It is
displaying the current selection in the first PickList, as well as what
exists in the OUs under the selection. For example, if a user selects
Title2 in the first PickList, the second PickList contains Title2 and
TitleB instead of what I want, which is only TitleB. Can someone assist
me with what I am doing incorrectly?

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