UA 401C

I have a text field, with datatype string,

The validation mask is

This translates to Nothing OR a decimal number with up to 2 numbers
before and up to 2 numbers after the decimal point (the decimal separator
is a comma over here in this part of ye olde worlde)

I do specifically NOT want to allow a space as data.

The issue is, that when I use field.getValue() to read the contents of
the field, and if the user have made an input of exactly one or more
spaces. The result I get from field.getValue() is "" (empty string)

If the user inputs [SPACE]3[SPACE] the result I get is "3" without spaces.

It seems the behaviour is to remove leading and trailing spaces. I would
like to get those as well.

What can I be doing wrong? Or how do I get the exact string out of the