Hello Everyone,

I am currently in the process of creating an anonymous User App
workflow, and in the very beginning of this process I've run into a bit
of a problem. I am new to using ECMA Script, but I am not new to

On my form, I have two String textboxes: email and username.

I have setup the code so that on an "onChange" event for email a
function is kicked off that is supposed to populate username with info
retrieved via a query.

Basically, my goal is to enter an email address, do a query based on
that email address, and return a username if a user is found. In the
eDirectory I'm using, I have two valid email addresses entered, although
neither of them return the user object associated with it. Can someone
lend me a hand? I am having a very difficult time accomplishing this.
Here's the function code that is called from the onChange event:

function getUsername() {
if (form.getValue("email") != "" && form.getValue("email") != " " &&
form.getValue("email") != null) {
try {
//Here's where I'm trying to get the user-object
based off of a query using the email entered. I've been unsuccessful in
making progress in this area. My ultimate goal
//is to populate the username control with the
username of the actual user-object.
IDVault.globalQuery("username", "Internet EMail Address",
catch (e) {
alert ( "error getting data: " + e );


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