At a client using UA v. 3.6.1, we have had the following URL in
production for many years:


In preparation for upgrade to IDM 4.0.2, we have installed the new UA
and in testing it appears that this URL is no longer valid, or I've got
a config error.

It works perfectly at the same URL with a .jsp.

On the Admin page for Forgotten password, it suggests a URL, ending in
..jsp. I have tried setting that to .jsf and restarting the UA (full
jboss_init restart), but get the same errors either way.

So why not just change our URL to the functional new URL? The
deployment of the .jsf value to thousands of PC's means that any
conversion to a new URL will result in a service gap that we would
rather avoid. (If we have to, we have to).

Has the .jsf been deprecated, or is there a configuration I'm missing?